Research Fields

Firm Dynamic, International Trade, Firm Productivity


Ph.D. Economics, Halle Institute for Economic Research - IWH, 2019-

M.Res. in Economic Analysis, Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB, 2017-2019

M.Sc. in Economics, Sapienza University of Rome, 2015-2017

B.Sc. in Economics, Sapienza University of Rome, 2012–2015


Guest Researcher, Deutsche Bundesbank, 2022- present
Researcher, CompNet, 2019- present
Visiting Researcher, Bank of England 2022
Research Assistant, Move Foundation and UAB (PI Eugenia Vella), 2019
Junior Visiting Student, UAB, 2017

Data Development

CompNet Dataset 7th Vintage (2020), 8th Vintage (2021) and 9th Vintage (2023), Competitiveness Research Network
- Coverage: 23 European Countries, 1999-2021
- Indicators: Labor, Productivity, Export, Import, Finance
- Approach: micro-aggregated indicators based on firm-level data